Something of special value. 

handed down from one generation to another

Our beginnings started off back in 1975 as an antique reproduction specialist. Since then, we grew over time to be Jakarta’s leading custom-made furniture maker, catering mostly expatriates under the name Aneka Meubel. In 2018, we are rebranding ourselves as Heirloom to put great emphasis on making furniture of finest quality & craftsmanship, worthy to be passed down to the next generation. In addition, we are introducing a fresh modern feel to our range, including a one-stop interior design services for your home.

Solid Wood

Solid wood furniture is a worthwile investment that will age well, lasts a lifetime, and most of all naturally beautiful. At Heirloom, we meticulously hand pick the best timber from government-certified plantations. Our in-house kiln-drying process coupled with decades of experience of our craftsmen would ensure the wood is transformed into inheritable masterpieces.